I am thrilled to serve as the publisher and editor-in-chief of The Online Review of Rhode Island History, at www.smallstatebighistory.com.

Launched on January 28, 2015, we have a team of many of the top Rhode Island history authors working today and we add a new article every week. The articles are intended to be short and for a popular audience.

Rhode Island has a wonderful history all out of proportion to its small size. This explains the domain name for the online journal, www.smallstatebighistory.com.

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The team of authors, currently with more than twenty signed on, includes Patrick T. Conley, the dean of the state’s history writers and the current Historian Laureate of Rhode Island; Paul Caranci, an author of a recent book on the hanging of John Gordon; Robert Geake, who has authored numerous books of late, including a history of the Narragansett tribe and of Rhode Island taverns; Robert Grandchamp and Frank Grzyb, who have each authored books on the state’s role in the Civil War; Erik Chaput, author of a highly acclaimed biography of Thomas Dorr; Russell DeSimone, a prominent collector of Rhode Island writings; and Al Klyberg, who served thirty years as the executive director of the Rhode Island Historical Society.


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As well as editing articles, I have authored or co-authored the following articles for this site:

  • “Top Ten Turning Points in Rhode Island’s History”
  • “Father of ‘12 Years a Slave’ Protagonist Hailed from North Kingstown”
  • “Top Secret World War II German Prisoner-of-War Camp at Fort Kearney in Narragansett”
  • “Rhode Island’s World War II Prisoner-of-War Camps at Forts Getty and Wetherill in Jamestown: Reeducating German POWs with the Best of Intentions”
  • “Jemima Wilkinson: The First American-Born Founder of a Religious Movement”


If you would like to sign up for a once-a-week email alerting you to when an article has been posted and its title, please email me at editor@smallstatebighistory.com.